Births And Deaths Printer Breaks Down

Machines for printing biometric birth certificates at the Births and Deaths registry in Accra have been broken down for nearly a month.

This has led to many being denied service during the period.

One of the frustrated patrons told Citi News he has been waiting for a print out from the Births and Deaths Registry for two weeks.

“I was supposed to get a certificate on the tenth of this month. It is left with the printout. So the machine they are supposed to use for the print out has broken down or something and they are contacting the accountant general for money to repair it or something.”

The Acting Registrar of the Births and Deaths Registry, Rev Kingsley Asare Addo, later confirmed the challenges to Citi News but assured that machines will be fixed latest by next Monday.

He explained that the problems started after a power outage.

“We suffered a small outage with the affected part of our servers and a few components got burned down. Fornutaly we have been able to procure them and my It people are working hard.”

By the close of this week, I am sure we will come back because, as I speak, they have been ale to resotre the system and they are running tests. If everything is cleared, I am sure by Monday, we will be in full service.”