Five Strange Effects Of Falling In Love

People in love or falling in love are, more or less, capable of experiencing so many mixed emotions. Wondering why your heart skips a beat or how you suddenly go hyper around your loved one? Well, actually love has a major effect on us, physically and psychologically. From affecting the way you talk, to your heart beats, here are five strange effects of falling in love:

1. Falling in love?

You’ll probably kiss sleep goodbye. If you’re at the early stages of falling in love with someone, this person can literally take over your mind. If you’re seeing him next day, your outfit is probably all you’re thinking about all night long.

2. Do you truly madly deeply like him?

Do you feel like your IQ level deteriorates 100 times when you see him? It’s okay, you’re not alone! Recent studies showed that you’re more likely to focus less while being in love. It also showed that you will not be able to multi-task or pay attention to more than one thing while being around the person you like.

3. Yes, we all know this adrenaline rush when your crush texts/calls you! An instant mood-booster, isn’t it? When you’re in love, you’re less prone to get depressed. The process is your brain sends out intense thrilling vibes to your entire body which is perfectly similar to a feeling of someone high on something which can also release pain! Bottom line, love makes you high, in a good manner.

4. Wondering why your pitch goes ten times higher while talking to this special someone?

As dumb as it sounds, falling in love makes your voice go up an octave. Also one of the weirdest scientific facts is that your eye pupil goes wider when you’re in love!

5. Extreme love or attraction can surely mess with your heart beats.

When you’re in love, your heart doesn’t beat properly or as rationally as it normally does. Don’t panic if you started sweating or your body temperature went bipolar while being around your crush!