Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Ex-Lover?

1. Here’s how you can tell your partner about your ex-lover

Of all the things we tell our partner, talking about our past love life or an ex-lover is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. Many might not even be comfortable sharing their past with their current lover. But according to experts, communication and clarity are the keys to a successful relationship and keeping a partner in the dark about your past relationship can do more harm than good in the future. In case, you are wondering how to broach this topic, here’s a little help.

2. Sooner the better

If you are waiting for the ‘right’ time to tell your partner about your ex-lover, we would say that no time is better than the present time. In matters like this, sooner the better it is to share your thoughts with your partner because whether you like it or not, your past has an uncanny way of catching up with your present.

3. Don’t talk about your ex again and again

Once you tell your partner about your ex-lover, don’t make it a habit of talking about him or her frequently. While some do that unintentionally, a few others drop their ex’s name in random conversations with a partner just to make him or her jealous. Remember, talking about your ex-lover with the intention of letting your current partner know about the past is a good thing to do. But referring to your ex frequently can cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

4. Don’t play the blame game

When a relationship ends on a bitter note, most of us have the tendency to blame the other person. Sometimes while talking about the past, we play the blame game without even realising it. But when you tell your partner about your past love life, refrain from blaming your ex-lover for everything that went wrong in the relationship.

5. ​Talk about the lessons you learned from your failed relationship

When you share your thoughts about your past love life, you should focus on the positive things rather than harping on the pain and trouble it caused you. There is something to learn from every relationship, and your failed love life is no exception. So, focus on the positive side while talking about it.

6. Tell your partner if you are friends with your ex

It’s important to let your partner know about your current status with your ex. If you are still friends and keep in touch regularly, let your partner know. Not many are comfortable with the idea of their partner being in friendly terms with an ex. In case, your partner has inhibitions regarding the same, you should make him or her understand that there is no harm in being friends with an ex. If your partner is still uncomfortable, you should reconsider your relationship with your ex.