VIDEO: Egyptian ‘Super Dad’ Saves Child From Moving Train

A video has gone viral in Egypt of a father shielding his daughter on the railway tracks as a freight train roars by a hairsbreadth from their bodies.

Witnesses said that the young girl was walking on the railway tracks at the station in Ismailia when a train sounded its siren and started speeding towards her.

The father is said to have jumped down and held her away from the train as it passed.

He has been hailed as “Super Dad”, but the railway authorities have a different view, accusing him of negligence – suggesting that he and his daughter were trying to cross the tracks rather than using a tunnel to reach their platform.

Jenan Moussa


Dads are superheroes.

A girl fell on to train tracks in Egypt. Her dad jumped behind her, hugged her and shielded her little body till the moving train passed.

They both survived. @akhbar