VIDEO: Ghana Lucifer Vows To Antagonise Ghana Jesus

Ghanaian actor Mmebusem popularly known for his short comedy skits as Ghana Jesus is going to have a good run for his money with the emergence of his antagonist, Ghana Lucifer.

Ghana Lucifer who is also plying the same concepts as Ghana Jesus but his ideologies are contrary to Ghana Jesus is set to challenge him to test if he is truly the son of God.

From the concept of Ghana Lucifer , his aim is to indirectly educate the average Christian on the schemes of Satan and how to overcome his traps.

It appears Ghana Lucifer is also winning the love of many Ghanaians as a lot of people are applauding him for his creativity. Because ever since Ghana Jesus popped up, a lot of other actors came out to copy his style. But Ghana Lucifer has decided to take the concept in a creative way